Thursday, May 31, 2012

Always together


As some of you might know we go to playgroups. Many many playgroups. Zwi and Ronia seem to enjoy the company of other kids a lot.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First art

Well these speak for themselves...(don't they? ;)

Long time no see!

Sorry to all the followers of our blog for my laziness. I will try to made it up to you with this pics overload.

Ronia and Zwi love parks. And walking. And walking. And waking. They walk at least 1km a day busy little things they are.

My little boy

Ronia, as per usual, finds all the treasures to give me...

Zwi also loves to find sticks for me...

He was so excited though I don't think he realised he lost them on the way.


Zwi loves balloons! The first time I gave him a balloon when he would walk he held it in his arms all day long. He even sat with his balloon in the bath. Here is a pic of him scoring some balloons at someone's party in the park.

Swimming Lessons

We go swimming every Saturday as we believe that even little ones need to learn basic water awareness skills. They used to love it when we joined at 4mo but because of the summer break I think they lost a bit of their enthusiasm. Not to worry though, we are gently persevering and they are enjoying it more and more.